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Chaba Traditional Thai massage in Innsbruck

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Thai massages are nothing less than particularly soothing wellness in its most holistic form. They have been used in Thailand for more than 2500 years to gently but effectively stretch and stretch the skin and underlying muscle cords to the point. This can sustainably promote blood circulation in the skin. At the same time, the connective tissue relaxes and the muscles are loosened, resulting in an extremely pleasant and comfortable body sensation.

IIndian origins pleasantly interpreted

The origins of traditional Thai massage lie in ancient India: it draws on elements of massage techniques that have been used for thousands of years on the subcontinent under the name of "Ayurveda" to promote health and found their way to Thailand. Just like Indian "Ayurveda", traditional Thai massage is based on knowledge of the energetic network that runs through our body in the form of ten energy lines. These lines are worked on in traditional Thai massage using gentle stretches and rhythmic pressure from the balls of the hands, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet.

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Traditional Thai massage for more strength and new energy

This demanding, passive technique is based to a large extent on yoga with its gentle but intensive twisting movements and stretching positions as well as pressure point massages and joint mobilizations. Although traditional Thai massage is based on the passive elements of yoga, this type of treatment is nevertheless dynamic and very powerful. Customers of Chaba Traditional Thai Massages perceive this aspect above all in that they feel renewed strength and fresh energy after such a massage.